When to Choose a Post and Beam Barn


When to Choose a Post and Beam Barn

When to Choose a Post & Beam Barn

Many customers approach Legacy after they have decided they want a barn, but are not quite sure what construction method best fits their needs. Barns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and price points. Deciding which option is right for each use can be a challenge. However, knowing the basics can help interested individuals wade through the options. The table below outlines where a Legacy Post and Beam barn comes in from a quality, lifespan, and price perspective.

While a true wood barn is not the lowest cost option, there are many reasons a Legacy kit rises to the top of the list for customers across the nation. First, the quality and corresponding lifespan of a post and beam kit is significantly longer than its pole barn counterpart. For those looking to make a long-term investment in their property, our kits make a strong business case over the lifespan of the building.

Second, the inherent character of post and beam greatly exceeds that of a pole barn or stick frame building. A choice for post and beam is nostalgic and aesthetic in addition to being practical. Finally, adding living space to our barn kits is extremely easy. For those looking for an apartment barn, office space, a living quarters above or next to an equine/animal space, or a building they can turn into a full time residence in time, post and beam construction makes this seamless to achieve.

To learn more about our design options or to get started on your one-of-a-kind post and beam barn, home, cabin, or event center, get in touch with us today! (402) 317-5747 / info@legacypostandbeam.com / Contact Form

The Hutchinson – 5484

54′ x 84′ Raised Center | 40′ Center Section with One 14′ Partially Enclosed Lean-Tos

The Knox 5272 – MSW0918

52’ x 72’ Raised Center | 24’ Center Section with two 14’ Enclosed Lean-Tos

Knox 4884 – SMO0217

48’ x 84’ Raised Center | 24’ Center Section with Two 12’ Lean-Tos and 8′ Porches

The Hutchinson 4048 – SHA0814

40’ x 48’ 1.5 Story Gambrel | 28’ Center Section with one 12’ Enclosed Lean-To

The Armstrong 4636 – DWE0518

46’ x 36’ 1.5 Story Gable | 22’ Center Section with two 12’ Enclosed Lean-Tos

The Knox 5272 – CME0515

52’ x 72’ Raised Center | 24’ Center Section with two 14’ Enclosed Lean-Tos