Post and Beam Basics


Post & Beam

Post & beam is a traditional form of construction that utilizes an interlocking heavy-timber framework for its structural support. Vertical posts and horizontal beams transfer weight to the foundation, removing the need for interior supporting walls and allowing the exposed timbers to become a visual showcase of the building.

The posts and beams are paired together to make ‘bents’.

1. Single Bent

2. Multiple Bents

Second are multiple bents combined, showing the frame of the building


3. Key Terminology

Below are some of the basic terms and concepts to become familiar with as you work on your post and beam project:


  1. Width
  2. Length
  3. Roofline
  4. Lean-To
  5. Side Wall
  6. Roof Pitch
  7. Overhangs
  8. Gable Entry Porch
  9. Cupola

4. Bent Diagram

Kit Reassembly/Bent Raising

Each Legacy kit is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and labeled in our production facility. The kits are then sent on a semi-truck to the job site for simplified reassembly by the building crew (of your choice, or we can connect you to our network of builders).

Pictures show our base kit with upgrades. 

Watch this gambrel barn kit go up in less than 45 seconds!