The Iconic Utilization
Post & Beam

Post and beam barns boast a style that is recognizable worldwide. They have dotted the countryside in a picturesque manner for decades. This speaks to their durability, timeless style, and practical value.

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Roofline & Style Kits

Our kits feature the various roofline styles. Each option provides a unique look that is beneficial in different scenarios. Once the roofline style is selected, we work with customers on customizing the length, width, lean-tos, accessories, upgrades, and more of their kit to ensure it fits their needs and budget.

  • Raised Center

    The Knox Series

  • Gable

    The Armstrong Series

  • Gambrel

    The Hutchinson Series

  • Salt Box

    The Grayson Series

  • Combination

    The Bandera Series

  • Monoslope

    The Denton Series

Barn Basics

Take a detailed look at the components that make up a post and beam barn kit. Hover over a number to learn about the components.

  1. Bent Framing
  2. Plate Connections
  3. Rough Cut Roof Sheathing
  4. Roof Underlayment
  5. Rough Cut Fascia Boards
  6. Board & Batten Siding
  7. Pressure Treated Sill Plates
  8. U-Brackets
  9. Girt Wall Framing
  10. Purlins
  11. Rough Cut Floor Joists*
  12. Rough Cut Floor Decking*
  13. Loft Doors*
  14. Barn Doors*
  15. Barn Windows*
  16. Foundation
  17. Roofing Materials

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Post & Beam Barn Kits

Inspiration comes in all forms, and our pre-designed barn kits are a great way to get started on your post and beam journey. These kits range in size from 792 sq ft to over 2,300 sq ft and are truly a starting point. Each starts as a base model and then we customize it to meet each customers needs. Visit our pre-designed kit page to get a general idea of costs and styles and then contact us to discuss more.