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Mountain View Barn with Living Quarters

Set along the foothills of the Montana mountainside, this picturesque post and beam apartment barn has as much function as it does appeal. The center section serves as a party barn/lounge area but also doubles as storage for this customers’ boat. To accommodate the height needed to store this large equipment, we increased the height of the tie beam to 11’. This is a common upgrade made in many of our party barn and hobby barn kits!

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The Armstrong 6272
62′ x 72′ 1 1/2 Story Gable | 32′ Center Section with Two 15′ Lean-tos

Apartment Barn – Living Space

The lean-to on the north side is a cozy and spacious living area. It is shown complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, full kitchen, and dining area. Compared to other forms of construction, post and beam has naturally high ceilings that make apartment barns even more practical. For example, the ceiling in the lean-to starts at 9’ and increases to a height of 14’. As a result, the space feels even larger and more conducive to a living space. On the opposite side of the building, the south lean-to has office and storage space.

Another notable feature about this apartment barn is the partial loft. Adding a loft into a post and beam building is a cost effective and easy way to add usable square footage.  In particular, the partial loft enables a portion of the building to have the full timber bent exposed, while another portion is finished space. Commonly, lofts become additional living/lounge space, an office, storage, or many other functions based on owner preferences.

Along the outside, the 8’ porch serves as an excellent viewing area to take in the beauty of the natural surroundings. Finally, accessories such as a widow’s peak and barn doors give this barn kit extra style and classic charm.