Why we’re NOT a discount/promotion running post and beam company

Have you ever made a purchase you were excited about, then a week later saw it advertised at a better price and it took some of the joy away? Or even worse, purchased something to capitalize on a deal, but then realize it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for?

Well we have been there, and that’s why from the time our company was founded, we decided that a post and beam kit was too big and important of a purchase to try to lure customers in before they were ready or make them wonder if they were ‘really’ getting the best price.

At Legacy, we are committed to an upfront and straightforward pricing model. When you get a price from us you can rest assured:

1) It’s THE price we are offering. 

You won’t have to wonder if the next customer who calls in is being told something different, nor is waiting 24 more hours going to drastically change things. We don’t mark our kits up, just to mark them down, we offer an upfront price from the beginning.

2) It’s honest. 

We aren’t leaving out key components only to tack them on later, after you’ve gone just far enough into the process to not be able to back out.

3) It represents value. 

All of our kits use the ‘gold standard’ wood choice for post and beam, Douglas Fir, and they include more base components then many other kit providers. Even with that, we are extremely cost competitive when compared to other kit providers that use lower quality materials and/or have upgrade charges to meet our base model.

4) It’s straightforward. 

The cost to add something to a kit is the same cost to remove it. This may seem like a given, but we’ve found that isn’t always true.

Our goal is to be an education-based post and beam kit provider that offers a high quality product at a fair price. This format ultimately allows each customer to make the decision that’s best for them and at the time that’s right for them. So, while our leadership team is the first to cash in a ½ price ice cream cone coupon, or 25% off t-shirt deal, we just didn’t feel a dream barn, home, cabin, venue or other post and beam kit purchase deserved this same type of treatment.

We don’t want to be misleading and say our prices never change. They do change periodically (typically annually), but this is an all-inclusive measure that includes some component prices increasing and other decreasing. It’s NOT a sales gimmick and it’s something we give plenty of notice about.

To learn more about our pricing model, or get a quote for your post and beam project, reach out to us at 402-317-5747, info@legacypostandbeam.com, or stop by and visit us in Fremont, NE!  

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