For each building project, we provide a custom design. Nothing about your post and beam structure will be generic or cookie cutter.

Saves Time

Having a pre-built kit takes significantly less time to construct than a traditional stick frame building, saving on-site labor time and money.  Each bent is pre-cut and drilled in our manufacturing facility. All pieces are labeled and packaged accordingly for convenience, making transforming a kit from Legacy Post & Beam a smooth process.

Saves Money

Having the tools & know how to cut a post and beam frames is a specialized skill.  Legacy Post & Beam handles the difficult step of manufacturing the kit in our warehouse so that you can obtain the style of construction you want without the hassle.  Because we have the proper tools, knowledge, experience, and can work in a controlled environment, we can produce the kits extremely efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

Easy to Build

The essence of kit construction is to simplify the building process. We do the leg work in our shop, so that on-site time can be made efficient. All of our kits come with step-by-step blueprints and a construction guide, making it straightforward for any builder/contractor to assemble. We also have a network of builders that specialize in post and beam construction that we are be happy to connect customers to.

Our team’s vision, dedication and passion for building and designing post and beam structures, enables customers and builders to have an enjoyable experience in turning their dreams into a reality.