Ease of Design

Open floor plans and vaulted ceilings are a part of the very nature of the post and beam construction style. This means you can choose your floor plan based on your preferences, not on engineering requirements.

This is due to the way the weight is supported. Post and beam buildings are built with bents that consist of horizontal beams and vertical posts. The post is the only supporting element touching the floor. In contrast, stick frame buildings transfer the weight from the trusses to supporting walls, which in turn can dictate much of the floor plan.

Additionally, because of the way the bents are structured, adding a loft (or second floor) is extremely affordable. The framework to do so is there regardless, so it’s just a matter of adding loft joists and flooring.

Rustic Beauty without Cumbersome Maintenance

If you are considering a post and beam building, more than likely, you are drawn to it because of the aesthetic appeal of the exposed timbers.

One of the best parts about choosing post and beam over some of the other wood based structural systems, such as log, is that it provides the stunning look, with less maintenance. Our exterior siding options do need to be stained but you can bypass reoccurring chinking needs, and can also rest assured that all of your supporting elements (trusses, framing, etc.) are enclosed, and not vulnerable to damage by sun, water, and other forces.

Structural Design and Longevity

We help create structures that not only last, but also maintain their breathtaking appearance. Our post and beam kits can be built on versatile foundations including: basements, slabs, footings or concrete piers. In addition, all of our kits have the ability to be engineered to withstand extremely high wind, snow and seismic loads.

Affordable Cost

Most customers are pleasantly surprised when they realize that the cost of building a post & beam home or cabin is not only less than log, but also similar in cost to a stick framed structure, especially if a stick framed house is being built to look like post & beam.