Interior venue great hall with vaulted ceilings and chandeliers

The Douglas Fir Difference

The Douglas Fir Difference

Interior venue great hall with vaulted ceilings and chandeliers

It’s no secret, the beauty of post and beam buildings is in large part the wood used to construct them. As you are researching kit providers, you may notice that different wood species are used by different companies.

Today we want to give you some insight into the top reasons we choose kiln-dried Douglas fir for our bent work. This seemingly simple commitment to the highest quality materials signifies our dedication to excellence every step of the way.


According to the USDA Wood Handbook:

“Dried lumber has many advantages over green lumber for producers and consumers. Removal of excess water reduces weight, thus shipping and handling costs.

As wood dries, most of its strength properties increase, as well as its electrical and thermal insulating properties.

Properly dried lumber can be cut to precise dimensions and machined more easily and efficiently; wood parts can be more securely fitted and fastened together; warping, splitting, checking, and other harmful effects of uncontrolled drying are largely eliminated; and paint, varnish, and other finishes are more effectively applied and maintained.”


Our wood is not only kiln-dried, it is also the premier choice for construction.

“Douglas fir (DF) is often the standard against which all other framing species are measured.

Its strength combined with a superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity, excellent dimensional stability, the moderate decay resistance of its heartwood, and documented excellent performance record against strong forces resulting from winds, storms, and earthquakes, have given Douglas Fir its reputation.”
– Western Wood Products Association















Aesthetically, Douglas fir is a solid choice.

“The straight, fine-grained wood, tight knots and the light yellow to reddish brown color of fir are other qualities that makes this lumber a favorite with builders, carpenters and woodworkers. The logs can be cut to reveal the distinctive grain pattern, which works well in interiors for woodwork, cabinetry, and floors. It is often left unstained and simply varnished to reveal its natural color and grain.”
– SF Gate Home Guide

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Lake home living at it’s finest! Our top 5 favorites about this project:

Lake home living at it’s finest! Our top 5 favorites about this project…

We’re excited to give you an inside look into this picturesque 1.5 story post and beam gable lake home. With so many things to love about this project, we compiled a quick list of our favorites below.


1. The spacious porch accented with hammer trusses for that true ‘wow’ factorPost and beam porch with hammer trusses overlooking lake















2. The large doors and windows on the lake facing side allowing for great views and natural lighting















3. The mix of dry wall and exposed timbers that give this project a modern flair that resonates with a wide range of styles















4. The large great room/dining area making it perfect for entertaining and lounging






























5. The partial loft which allows usable space that overlooks the main floor.















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Rustic hunting lodge exterior with covered entrance

3 Reasons We Love Steel Plate Joinery!

3 Reasons We Love Steel Plate Joinery!

The art of post and beam has been around for hundreds of years. Like all forms of construction, advancements have been made throughout that time that benefit current day customers.

One of those advancements is the use of steel plate joinery. As the name leads to, ‘joinery’ is the structural element that connects (or joins) two pieces of wood. Traditional timber frame buildings used mortise and tenon joinery, which is undoubtedly breathtaking, but also adds significant complexity in the building process.

Below are a few of the top reasons steel plate joinery comes standard in all Legacy kits.

1. The bold look of the steel plates against solid Douglas fir timbers create a rustic look with an industrial flairRustic venue with hammer truss beams















2. The enhanced structural support the steel plates provide increases the distance the post and beam trusses can span.















Interior barn roof with exposed posts and beams















3. The use of steel plates, instead of the more time consuming and traditional mortise and tenon joinery, makes it significantly more affordable for the average customer.Post and beam home hallway with black powder coated steel plate joinery















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